My Dubai

And so here it is..the official write up on our crazy time in Dubai with my best friend Kemi! All I can say is that this trip was AMAZING. I shall try and get everything in but some things you really just had to be there for……

The way there

So I get to the airport super early as per usual. Kemi was running late so we decided we’d check in separately and meet in duty free.

10 minutes within checking in by myself and passing through passport control- I lose my phone.

Major. Panic.

How am I going to contact Kemi now?!


Anyway. Drama over- I sprinted back to passport control luckilyyyy someone kindly handed it in as I’d stupidly left it on the side while getting my passport out.

Moving forward, we decided to cram our purposely empty hand luggage suitcases with alcohol as you’re not allowed to buy it from supermarkets in Dubai (letting you know if you’ve never been before- (you’re welcome in advance) :P).


Fast forward seven hours of sleeping on the plane we arrive in Dubai!

Edging towards passport control fear kicks in that they’re going to take all the alcohol off us having being about 5x over the limit and not to mention all the small vodka bottles the air hostess I made friends with gave to me.

Mission accomplished. We’re through. We decided to have a quick look in duty free just in case we had missed anything on the way.

We’re looking around.

Kemi puts her material suitcase down..


The attendant rushes over and asks if everything okay as he heard something smash and break in her bag. She shakes her head denying all knowledge. We don’t want to attract any attention (bit late for that)

Wine is now pouring out of her bag yet we STILL buy not one but 2 more bottles!

Time to make a quick exit. I don’t think we’ve ever dashed out of the airport that quickly. Luckily the queue was full of men so we got taken to the front and put in a lady taxi specifically for women.

We check into the hotel, freshen up, clean Kemi’s wine and plan our mad week ahead


Of course then we head straight out to Smoky Beach on JBR for a much needed shisha. The vibe was chilled- you get a mixed crowd of expats, tourists and a few locals. It was cold though, around 18 degrees with isn’t what we were expecting. I don’t know how it got to 5am but we quickly rested up ready for day 1.


The Fairmont, Dubai

After an eventful day travelling the day before, we decide to take it easy during the day as we know we’re going to have a heavy night. We decide to head to The Fairmont Hotel on Sheikh Zyed road. There are three clubs there and its also next door to the Conrad where I know VII is always a good back up  plan. We started off in Bagatelle. The music was great but I really wanted to show Kemi Cirque Le Soir downstairs to see the acts. We had a great time in there- met some friends and again the music was really good and the acts were on point as usual.


Nikki Beach Dubai 

Wake up. Eat. Day two- Nikki beach. I think I’ve vaguely touched upon Nikki Beach Dubai in a previous blog..or perhaps it was Nikki Beach Miami. Anyway I do love Nikki Beach wherever it is in the world. If your fan of sushi I’d highly recommend skipping breakfast and saving yourself for lunch. With it being a white theme I decided to match it a little and Dress all white. The music is so good there, they often have a live jazz performance too which really adds to the atmosphere.


Koubba bar, Al Qasr hotel

We head back to the hotel, have dinner and then headed over to Koubba Bar at the Al Qasr hotel. I know the staff in there really well so we were warmly greeted and immediately sat on a lovely table facing the Burj Al Arab. Its so picturesque when the light show comes on every hour. The shisha there is always on point and they have a great selection of small bites.


The Zero Gravity Brunch

Zero Gravity hold an incredible brunch on a Saturday morning to afternoon. I had already been warned about this so I made sure we got there early (I’d recommend 12pm) There was a massive queue but luckily we had cash so were able to go straight through (another piece of advice)

It’s 250 DHS for women

300 DHS for men

We put our belongings down on beds beside the sea and decided to join the party. The spread is amazing. There are various spirit, cocktail, sangria stations and many more. The food is also incredible including a full buffet, dessert and ice cream stations. You’ll see about 100000 pictures being taken in the infinity pool (yes I’m guilty too) and its literally full of expats. Everyone was so friendly. I’d highly recommend this.


White, Meydan Racecourse Dubai

After a heavy day drinking in the sun, we quickly nap and get ready for White. Looking back, I don’t know how we did it and with SO much energy too! No wonder I’m dying now that I’m back home. When walking in, if you’re a group of girls you’ll often get boys trying to come in with you as they can only get in with females. We agreed and let two in with us and after a bit of awkward conversation we quickly said goodbye. It’s ladies night on a Saturday so free alcohol!- (no prosecco though :/) until 11pm. I love the location of White. It’s on the rooftop of the Meydan Racecourse and the skyline views are just spectacular. Kem and I agreed that the music there was the best out of all places. Our table was full of Brits and they were playing UK tunes also.

5am, lots of Dom P later- its time to go home.


Billionaire Mansion

It’s safe to say we died. I don’t think we got up till about 3pm. We ordered a full on Arabic family roast chicken feast to share between us we were literally that starving! (Had my tabasco sauce handy too obvvv)


We may have been exhausted but that night was Billionaire Mansion and we definitely were not going to miss out on that. We thought we were late getting there at 12am but it was actually early! The music AGAIN was good but what I loved most was seeing a lot of different friends there. It hit about 3 and our friend suggested we should hit the after party.

We went obviously (There’s something wrong with us- its like we try and avoid sleep!).

We headed onto the yacht and I have to say, it was probably the BEST afterparty I have ever been to. Champagne flowing, DJ blasting tunes and everyone just having an incredible time (I was standardly fiddling with the controls and gadgets however not quite making sense of how it all worked). We didn’t even realise how late it got until we entered the hotel and saw it was 7am.


We have the desert safari in the afternoon.


The Desert Safari

I don’t really know how we got up and ready for this but we did. The tiredness of the constant partying and late nights didn’t hit me until today.

I was in and out of sleep all the way to the desert. The people we were with were a group of 5 Americans from LA who were really good to talk to. We were just glad we weren’t put with weird people. The Safari through the dunes was SO much fun. We all voted my phone to be connected for music and the driver was super chilled and drove extra crazy knowing we all loved it.

The safari was followed by seeing the camels. Do not even get me started on the evil camel in the back who decided to reach out and nuzzle his head again mine nearly half knocking me out.. TWICE!! I don’t know why he loved me so much but it’s safe to say I don’t really like camels anymore :// LOOK AT HIS FACE!!


We all then sat  down with various stations around us including drinks, henna, snacks and of course shisha. Although I couldn’t speak and absolutely vowed I wouldn’t do shisha again I was still found there puffing away. Typical. The buffet was served and there were two acts- one belly dancer performance and one man with fire performance. Kem and I were just bothered about the buffet to be honest. Our group decided we had had enough and it would be pointless to wait another two hours for nothing so we found the driver who agreed to make a quick exit before we hit traffic with other tours. Overall I cannot recommend the tour enough. We did it with Red Tours and the whole thing was so well organised from beginning to end.


China Grill, Westin Hotel

After a busy day of shopping while Kemi doing the Big Bus Tour we contemplated whether it would be wise to go out knowing we had a flight the next morning.

Did we still go out?

Of course we did.

On Tuesdays its a ladies night pretty much everywhere meaning free drinks. We decided to go to China Grill at the Westin Hotel. We got there a bit late and as we arrived there were already girls stumbling over on their way out. Not only is it free drinks for ladies but 50% off all food too! Unfortunately we had already eaten so we weren’t really feeling it but people I got speaking to said the food is amazing there. Despite the end of holiday blues we had an incredible eventful night as ALWAYS!

Overall, having lived in Dubai it will always be second home to me. The fact that it changes and grows so much is what I love best- there’s always something new to do!

I truly hope you enjoyed reading my blog. Follow my instagram: rukayax for more blog posts to come- I promised I’d do this more and I will.

If you have any questions about any of the places I went to, let me knowww

All my love,

Kaya xxx




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