My day in food

For so many years I have had such digestive trouble and just felt constantly bloated all the time. I was eating super healthily- plenty of protein and vegetables in my diet but nothing was working. People would tell me other wise that I looked great..but you know within yourself when you’re not feeling right. Simply through trial and error my doctor and I concluded I was gluten sensitive. Not that having a bit of pizza is going to kill me or anything, just that I need to be careful as it could set back my digestion. I thought it would be an absolute nightmare but it is actually so much easier than I imagined and I feel so much better cutting it out. However saying that, everyone’s body type is different and this has worked for me personally. You literally just have to trial and error cutting out certain foods if you are for example bloated all the time or have certain issues.

Okay so back to my diet- Here is what I like to typically eat in a day…


Ah.. my favourite meal of the day. For breakfast I heat my non stick pan using around 4-5 sprays of extra Virgin olive oil and add chilli flakes and cumin. Whilst the pan is heating up I crack two eggs in a bowl and remove one of the yolks meaning I have 2 x egg white to 1 x yolk ratio. Once that is heating in the pan I add frozen spinach. I love all types of eggs so ill either have this mixture as fried, scramble it or turn it into an omelette. That’s always accompanied with a slice of gluten free wholegrain toast topped with Lurpack salted butter. I’ve recently tried out these lean chicken chipolatas which are amazing with scrambled eggs!

I always add PLENTY of tabasco (can’t be living without that!)

Or …

If I’m in a mega rush I’ll have Protein World Slender Porridge in the vanilla flavour. As lovely as their protein shake are, they filled me up for minutes. Their porridge is sooo much better and gluten free (yay!) and even has added B vitamins and green tea extract! I hate milk so I add unsweetened almond milk, maple syrup and Flavor God chocolate donut seasoning (which is YUM!)


Mid morning snack

I loveeee fruit especially a crisp pink lady apple. Always. It just about keeps me filled enough for lunch!


Lunch I’d say is the hardest part of the day to stay healthy for me. I work with my dad which often includes taking clients out for lunch. Because I’m off to Dubai in a few weeks, I’ve had to be really careful with my diet otherwise I’d order a normal meal and just have it. So at the moment when we go out I’ll usually stick to a lean meat such as chicken or salmon and have a side salad.. and maybeee a few chips (girls got to live ;))

I know every trick in the book when it comes to healthy restaurant ordering- maybe that can be a future blog post..I have a lot of tips!

If I’m in the office it’s out of my hands. I’m the only female there and they do not relate to my healthy views!! (hence why I said its the hardest part of the day for me :/)

Afternoon snack

POPCORN- If you know me well, you’ll know I am absolutely obsessed with Propercorn sweet and salty popcorn. Its wholegrain, gluten free, super filling, 129 calories! Need I try and promote it any more? This is literally my go to snack. One in the afternoon..maybe two.

Ok fine- two 😀



Dinner is also hard one when your mum is the most amazing cook ever. Trouble is I love Indian/ Pakistani food.. and thats what she makes best! Like how can you even resist that?! I’ll often cook a lean protein myself and have that with a low carb side such as salad /vegetables/brown rice as my main meal, fill myself up and have a small plate of my mums food too so I get the best of both worlds (and two dinners) but the more unhealthy asian food in moderation.


Late night snack

Yes I have to eat before bed. In all honesty I go to my quick fix protein porridge (even if I’ve had it for breakfast). It fills me up quickly and I know its super healthy!

So there you have it, this is what I typically eat during the day. It doesn’t even change that much from day to day as I know what suits my body and what my goals are!



Lots of love

Kaya xxx

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